260 lb bumper plate set in stock

Great value, not sure but they look the same as the higher priced weights for over a Probably made in the same factory just their name added instead. After extensive research these were the best priced bumper plates and nearly the best priced plates at all.

They aren't pretty and they are built from rubber crumbs but they weigh what they say they weigh and fit snugly on an Olympic bar. Practical purchase. Pretty much sums it up in the product description very well made plates and the price is unheard of waiting to buy another set to get more weights. I have been wanting to get bumpers for some time now, but price and shipping has kept me from it. The price of this set and free shipping sealed the deal for me.

These are really pretty nice plates. They aren't solid rubber though -- it is like a finely shredded rubber that is vulcanized together. They are super-low bounce which is nice too. I think you would be hard pressed to find a decent set of bumpers at this price with free shipping.

Please disregard other reviewer as a cheap olympic bar is not made to the correct tolerance at the collars to fit these plates, his bar is the wrong size not the plates. If you have a junk bar these may or may not fit, however if you have a quality oly bar rogue, york, etc. These are made in USA and the same type of recycled rubber as Hi-Temp meaning they will last forever.

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Economy Bumper Plates 260lb Set

The big save is on! Catch the hottest savings while you can. Shop now. Report incorrect product information. Diamond Pro. Walmart Select Option. Current selection is: Choose an option. Pair: 10 lbs. Pair: 15 lbs.In stock orders shipping same day! When you see people lifting at the CrossFit Games on ESPN, they have those oversized, bouncy rubber weight plates that are called "bumper plates".

We have incredibly durable bumper plate sets here that are available in multiple weights and colors. Bumper plates are a type of weight plate for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit-style workouts and more. Buy from our selection of incredibly durable bumper plates for CrossFit Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting. Durable long lasting bumper plate sets here.

Tech plates are the predecessors to bumper plates. Before the technology and engineering existed to make high quality light weight plates from rubber bumper platestech plates were the answer to hold a barbell at proper IWF height to start your first pull for the clean or snatch or the deadlift for that matter. So, tech plates are weight plates constructed of plastic that have a " diameter there is a bit of variation between brands. While they absorb the impact of a drop, they don't bounce like bumpers do- and they tend to be loud on the drop.

Durability of tech plates is a strong point, but don't believe anyone who claims they're unbreakable. I've seen them break- although it takes quite a few thousand drops. If you want to load a bar as light as possible, but still have a lifter start their pull from the correct height, use 5 tech plates.

Tech plates are more expensive than bumpers, they are louder when the bar is dropped, and with today's top notch bumper plates ahem, OneFitWonderthe durability gap is way smaller than before.

260 lb bumper plate set in stock

A bumper plate is a weight plate for Olympic bars that is made almost entirely of rubber with a steel or brass collar in the middle that accepts an Olympic bar. The "end state" of the Olympic lifts is overhead or at the shoulder. Many lifters drop the weights from overhead. Since bumper plates are almost entirely rubber, being dumped from the shoulder or overhead will not damage the weights, bar, floor, bystanders, the lifter, etc Bumper plates are also great for garage gym use- the rubber construction is much quieter than traditional metal construction.

Durometer is a measure of hardness of a material. It ranges fromand the higher the rating the harder the material, and the higher the material's resistance to indentation. Anything above 65 is acceptable for bumper plates. Our plates are considered to be excellent. In general, the lighter bumper plates have a higher durometer reading because they need to be more rigid to withstand the stress of being dropped. Heavier plates have more surface area to distribute the stress, so they do not need to be as hard.

The ten pound bumper plates are purposefully 5mm narrower than the other bumper plates so that when you have 10's loaded on the bar, plus other bumpers, the 10 pound plates impact the ground a split second later than the other bumpers. Since the 10 pound plates have the least surface area and are thus the weakest bumpers, this saves stress on your 10 pounders!

Sometimes the bumpers smell due to the way that they are made. It isn't permanent.Weight lb. More details. Availability date:. Add to cart. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 Print Add to Compare Total shipping after adding this item to your cart The seller didn't indicate shipping cost for your Country yet. See our blog post about bumper plates with a better design that prevents the steel insert from coming loose.

Troy's USA Sports brand economy bumpers are among our best priced bumper plates. You can fit 4 45lb bumpers and collars on each side of a typical bar for a lb maximum load. This will depend on the sleeve length of the given bar. The 10lb bumpers are thin and are not guaranteed by Troy to hold up to dropping by themselves, but they are very stiff and won't bend when just sitting alone on the bar. More bumper plates for everyone!! Tap or hover to zoom. Reduced price! Warning: Last items in stock!

Availability date: Notify me when available. Add to Compare. Total shipping after adding this item to your cart The seller didn't indicate shipping cost for your Country yet. Please, for an estimation please contact us.

Description Specs. We no longer sell this product.Cast Iron plates are virtually indestructible. Plates come in two styles indicated by the diameter of the center hole. Standard size plates fit a 1" weight bar, and Olympic plates fit a 2" Olympic weight bar. Cast Iron Grip plates have a Hammertone gray finish, and their quad-grip design enables easy carrying. Rubber Grip plates are encased in durable heavy duty rubber that won't split or crack.

They have a quad-grip design and an integrated metal sleeve in the 2" Olympic hole. Bumper plates are all the same diameter with different thicknesses and have an Integrated metal sleeve. COM Est.

USA Olympic Bumper Plate 260 lb Set

Login 0. Toggle navigation. Sale Items Floor Models. Standard size plates fit a 1" weight bar, and Olympic plates fit a 2" Olympic weight bar Cast Iron Grip plates have a Hammertone gray finish, and their quad-grip design enables easy carrying Rubber Grip plates are encased in durable heavy duty rubber that won't split or crack.

Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates in 10lb. Chicago Extreme Color Bumper Plates in 10lb. Premium Bumper Plates 10lb.

260 lb bumper plate set in stock

Rubber Grip Olympic Weights 2. Color Rubber Grip Olympic Weights 2. Cast Iron Olympic Weights 2. Cast Iron Standard Plates 1. Chicago Extreme Bumper Plate Set. Premium Bumper Plate Set. Rubber Grip Olympic Plate Set. Rubber Olympic Grip Plate Set. Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set with 7ft. Olympic bar and collars. Color Grip Olympic Plate Set. Cast Iron Olympic Plate Set. Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set with 7ft. Body-Solid Cardio Barbell Set. PlateMate 2.

Free Shipping! PlateMate 1. Back to top. These superCall Toll-Free A bumper plate is a weight plate specifically made for Olympic weightlifting. A bumper plate is generally Unlike a rubber coated metal plate, a true bumper plate does not have a steel core inside to account for the weight of the plate. A true bumper plate is made from a process called Vulcanization.

Fray Fitness bumper plate unboxing.

Virgin rubber pieces are compressed with several thousands pounds of force and heat to compress a large amount of rubber into a dense heavy plate. What are the advantages of using bumper plates versus cast iron Olympic plates?

Bumper plates can be dropped from any height by the lifter without breaking easily, damaging floors, or causing injury.

Vulcan bumper plates are made from virgin natural rubber and synthetic rubber compounds. No used tires or recycled rubber products are used in Vulcan bumper plates, therefore they are PAHS and Phthales Free The inserts of our bumper plates are made from forged steel and anchored into the core of the natural rubber compound.

Virgin Rubber cannot be sourced in the United States as the plant that is harvested from Hevea brasiliensis cannot be cultivated in the USA. Only Latex and urethane material can be made in the US. All virgin rubber or products that are made from recycled natural rubber are using material that is not made in the USA. For many years bumper plate marketing haas contained information relating to Shore Hardness. Currently all bumper plate manufacturers utilize rubber compounds that are between SHa.

You will find information on SHore Hardness on many of our premier bumper plates, such as the black and color bumper plates. We have discovered over the years is that many claims that competitors were making of shore hardness was simply information copied from other competitors websites. We discovered that most did not have any actual method to test shore hardness and they simply made up numbers without any scientific backing.

Shore hardness is only one aspect of rubber manufacture.

260 lb bumper plate set in stock

There is elongation to break, tensiles strength, chemical composition, construction, and other aspects that can be equally important in relation to the performance of a bumper plate and it's durability.

Two brands of bumper plates could have the same shore hardness and exhibit completely different aspects of bounce and durability.

260 lb bumper plate set in stock

They are virtually no bounce. Bumper plates made crumb rubber and recycled rubber have the highest amounts of bounce which can be distracting, performance robbing, and dangerous. Higher bounce does not indicate that the bumper plates will have less of an impact on damaging floors.

USA Olympic Bumper Plate 260 lb Set

Anyone can use our bumper plates. You can find Vulcan bumper plates in commercial gyms, high school and college gyms, military gyms, and every day home and garage gyms. Do Bumper Plates last a long time? Vulcan Bumper plates can last a lifetime depending on their use. Our first variant of bumper plates were released in and many gyms that bought those first Vulcan bumper plates have those plates still in good condition.

This video below shows our most recent drop testing machine. The machine will drop the bumper plates no less than 30, times.

The weight that is hoisted by the chain weighs approximately 20 kilograms to simulate the weight of a barbell. Of course, having access to a machine like this would lead to testing competitors bumper plates. We have tested quite a few and yet to find other manufacturers' plates capable of withstanding the test.

Choose a sub category:. Black Bumper Plates on Sale.Manufactured with our signature Swedish materials and high quality manufacturing processes, each disc is drop tested 5, times to ensure our high standards are met. These bumper plates feature a molded hard rubber design with two piece hub and an outside edge with grip for safe handling, loading and unloading. These Virgin Rubber Grip Olympic Bumper Plates offer a deceptively sophisticated design in a simple format that is flawless to use.

Offering the highest possible quality, accuracy and reliability at a reasonable price, the Olympic Virgin Rubber Grip Bumper Plates have a quad-grip design encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber that can take a lot of impact and use and won't scuff or nick floors and walls.

Because of the rubber coating, the plates are impact-resistant and won't split, crack, peel, rust, chip, flake or fade. In other words, they'll last a lifetime without losing their luster! The high quality urethane is ideal for producing a consistent dead bounce on the drop, and maintaining the long-term integrity of the plates.

All weights are color coded to create a uniform symmetry between the various sizes of the weight plates. Feature s :. Dead Bounce - High quality urethane allows for a consistent dead bounce, allowing the bumper plates to maintain their durability. Color Coded Plates - Plate colors will not fade over time, ensuring a professional look for your facility or gym. Vibrant colors allow lifters and coaches to monitor progress and quickly identify loads. Plates have a two year warranty protecting against regular use of the product.

All moldings create a great look that will not fade over time with regular use. Warrior Rubber Bumpers Plates are manufactured from top quality, high durometer rubber. The high quality rubber is ideal for producing a consistent dead bounce on the drop, and maintaining the long-term integrity of the plates.

The Black Training Bumper Plate offers performance and durability for a variety of applications. These bumper plates come with a one piece boltless hub to ensure a no-maintenance bumper plate despite repeated drops and are a top choice for any weight room or platform. The highly durable pulverised rubber construction not only makes this plate hard wearing but also helps protect flooring, the rubber is combined with a polymer adhesive that is molded using a high intensity heat compression technique.

The durable chrome plated steel core disc fortifies the structural integrity of the plate. Each plate is colour coded to its weight allowing easier selection. Please note - Rubber encased weight plates are designed to offer some protection to floors if dropped. They are not warrantied against breakage if dropped. The Ivanko OCB series bumper plates are extremely accurate and durable and meet the International Weightlifting Federation specifications for weightlifting plates. Quality bumper plates priced affordably.

Ivanko has bridged the price gap between the very expensive I. This economy bumper plate is made from virgin and recycled rubber, and it features a steel insert that allows a secure fit and prevents damage to bar. This bumper plate is made from virgin and recycled rubber, and it features a steel insert that allows a secure fit and prevents damage to bar.Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plates feature superior durability with quality, smooth finishes and vibrant colors green, black, yellow, blue and red.

Constructed with the highest-standards in mind, Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Colored Bumper Plates are factory tested to withstand drops and heavy use. Each plate is made to the IWF standard diameter of mm Due to recent events, shipping times have increased. Here are our current shipping times:. Large, heavy, or high value items will ship via LTL freight carrier.

These shipments usually have extended handling times, then ship from the Chicagoland area. The carrier will contact you by phone to schedule delivery. They will use the phone number on your order confirmation to call you, please ensure this is the best method to reach you. Please contact us if you need to add or change this number. Additional fees may be incured for redelivery if you are not present for the scheduled appointment, or if they cannot reach you to schedule the delivery.

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Please call for information. COM Est. Login 0. Toggle navigation. Sale Items Floor Models. Print Page. Click to View More Photos.

Currently out of stock Please contact us by using the button below. OBPX lb. Chicago Extreme Diameter: mm Set includes 2 of each weight plate. Image Gallery. Similar Products.


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