Apex legends low fps rtx 2060

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment released their latest battle royale title-Apex Legends. It is an exciting new take on the popular BR phenomenon that has gripped the gaming world for the last couple of years. The game has a sci-fi theme to it with a first-person mode only. The game was released across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, however, as is the case with most PC releases, players have been experiencing performance issues with the game even on decent setups.

This naturally causes the game to achieve low fps. To fix this follow the steps below. This works for Nvidia and AMD cards alike. Step 4- Now go to the game directory and launch the. This should work for most people, if not then you can fiddle around in the control panel of your Nvidia GPU to squeeze a bit more power out of your card.

See the Fix 2 below. Step 1- Right-click on the desktop and then click on the Nvidia Control Panel. Step 3- Another useful tweak in Nvidia Settings is to turn shader cache on. In most cases, this would help improve FPS. You can always revert back to default settings should you notice any negative change in the performance of the game.

You can also check out our Apex Legends System Requirements article while you are here. Go here. Traverous — Record, Share and Relive your Journeys. Download GBWhatsapp 6. Download Snapchat Now Week Month.

Share Tweet. See all results. More Stories.The developer supported, community-run subreddit dedicated to Apex Legends made by Respawn Entertainment. Patch Notes. RTX owners please help! I'm looking to buy this card to play Apex. Currently own a GTX 3gb with i7 with 16 gb ddr4 I get anywhere around 80 to fps on all low p. I'm wondering will rtx hold stable fps all low p?

Or should I consider rtx ? I own a hz monitor and I'm fully aware that no card can hold stable fps in this game so fps is my target. RTX owners looking for your input. If you can share your benchmark videos p uncapped fps all low it would be awesome. I checked YouTube idk why people post benchmarks maxed out.

Man, you can get a GTX for the same price. Unless you're insistant on those fancy relections, that hardly any games have right now there's no point in over paying for that card. I bought a high end ti the day before RTX was released. It's now more expensive than when i got it because RTX is just a gimmick. Performance wise, i'd go with a If your budget allows, go ti. With your CPU you're future proofed too.

Not sure how much of a help my response will be for you but I got a and it's spinning around fps, all graphic settings set to highest. My CPU isn't anywhere near as good as yours though.

apex legends low fps rtx 2060

Not where I live. I haveall the settings to the maximum and I fixed the FPS to 75 that's enough for me and it calmly keeps such settings. Can you please do a benchmark video p all low it would really help me.

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Search forums. Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. RTX Stutter Help me. Thread starter rafagamaxima Start date Aug 14, Joined Aug 14, Messages 40 0. The thing is, my games stutter has increased in general, and even though I had some stutter with thethe seems to have it worse.

If I restart my computer and play, the stutter comes back but is way less that the first time after installing drivers. Same graphics settings both. This happens with both cards, but the has some more slight stutter still.

How To Fix Apex Legends Low FPS Issue on PC

If I restart my pc, the stutter comes back the first time with both cards. Troubleshooting: -Using Intelligent Standby list Cleaner Helped only with overwatch -Using high performance power settings in GPU didn't really make much of a difference -Disabling, enabling HPET didn't really make much of a difference -Using XMP in Bios didn't really make much of a difference -Updating bios and chipset didn't really make much of a difference -Using a Win10 fresh install just validated it wasn't a software issue -I used also some different drivers, but in general the frame times of the were always worse than the But I was told the card worked normally in all their tests, even though I am not entirely sure how they measured performance exactly.

Still I haven't been able to find exact problems I can blame on the card having hardware problems, as behavior is somewhat similar to my but kind of worse, and It could be blamed on drivers, or system compatibility of some sort. I am not sure what to do, as I would need some exact proof or something to get a replacement.

Joined Aug 6, Messages 7, 6.Apex Legends players live and die based on their mastery of its fast-paced combat and movement. That makes it all the more important that your settings in Apex Legends are tuned to produce the best FPS.

Luckily, even modest GPUs like the GTX shouldn't have a problem locking down 60fps at p, let alone the more powerful best graphics cards. Apex Legends is built using Valve's Source engine, and based on our testing runs well on a wide variety of hardware. But to maximize your framerate, here's what you need to know. Fullsize image.


Along with resolution, v-sync, and aspect ratio, there are 13 settings you can adjust. There's also a fps framerate cap in place, at least if you do the 'normal' thing and disable vsync. Turns out, you actually need to set vsync to 'dynamic' if you want a fully unlocked framerate. There are no presets available, so all settings need to be manually adjusted, and many appear to have a minimal impact on performance, though in aggregate you can boost performance quite a bit in going from maximum to minimum quality.

Here's a brief rundown of the settings, along with the measured difference in performance:. TSAA drops performance about 3 percent.

Texture Streaming Budget: Despite the 'streaming' part of the name, this just appears to be texture quality or resolution.

apex legends low fps rtx 2060

Dropping from Insane to None improved performance by around 6 percent. Usually this doesn't affect performance much on modern GPUs, but switching from 16x anisotropic filtering to bilinear filtering improved performance about 6 percent. Ambient Occlusion Quality: This setting affects performance the most, and it affects the quality of SSAO the shadows in corners and such. Dropping from high to disabled improves performance by about 15 percent.

Sun Shadow Coverage: Appears to control the amount of shadows from the sun, probably some form of global illumination. Setting to low instead of high boosts framerates about 5 percent. Sun Shadow Detail: As opposed to the amount of sun shadows, this controls the detail of the sun shadows. Setting to low vs. Spot Shadow Detail: Affects the detail of shadows cast by point lights in the environment ie, not the sun or global illumination.

Disabling boosts framerates by 3 percent. Volumetric Lighting: Determines whether sunbeams ie, God rays are cast. Disabling improves performance by about 6 percent. Dynamic Spot Shadows: Controls shadows from lights that can move.One of the main issues Apex Legends has had since the game released a few weeks ago has been issues with low FPS.

In this guide, I have compiled a few tweaks and recommended settings that can possibly increase the FPS. So go through it, try it and see if it works.

Also, comment down below if any one of them significantly manages to work as it can help others too. First and foremost, it is absolutely crucial that before you do anything else in this guide that you make sure your machine is even capable of running Apex Legends. Go through the list of requirements below and check if you meet them. If in such case you cannot find it, click on Add and try to find it from there.

Also, make sure that you run the game first and then close it down completely before looking for it. It can appear missing if the game is running in the background.

apex legends low fps rtx 2060

This fix should patch up most of the low FPS issues you were having. Not all of these settings may apply to you. Outdated drivers can result in loss of performance because it is not updated to the latest drivers which can get the best out of your GPU. To fix that simply jump into your Windows PC and click on the Battery icon on the bottom right-hand content of the screen. This little tweak is a super simple one that most would often forget. This fix should ensure that your machine runs at peak performance.

Do note that these are some of the recommended settings but you can tweak them to your liking a bit. I will continue to update this article over the coming weeks and will be adding more effective fixes. Hey, thanks for this guide. Generally runs at FPS or so. Was running fine this morning, now all of a sudden my FPS is down to I changed nothing. Playing on a Any idea?

Thank you so much for this guide! Some areas I get over FPS!! Thank you!!! Thanks a lot! I had really bad FPS problem, it came out of no where. I pretty much followed all of the steps and it worked like champ.

Highly Recommend to everyone…. Thanks again! Setting my dedicated graphics for the game tip 5 resolved all of my issues. Game is running like a dream.So I recently bought the aurora r8 from best buy. When I ran league of legends for the first time I was surprised this machine could only run it at fps on medium settings then I checked CS Go and it could only run it at 10fps.

Whats wrong with it? Is there anyway to fix this and make it run better? Because theres no way this PC can only run fps with games nowadays.

Please help resolve this issue thank you. Go to Solution. Have you tried running Userbenchmark to make sure your system is in the ballpark for performance with similarly configured systems? There's even a "Can You Run It? View solution in original post. For high-end gaming, both your CPU and graphics card are on the low end on the spectrum, and in combination, that is not helping.

Perhaps you could open the PSU swing out contraption and take some photos of the inside of the case; post them here. Good call! How does the integrated graphics even show up when you have a graphics card plugged into a PCIe slot?

Maybe the monitor cable was connected to the motherboard's IO port hence plug and play? Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.Apex Legends is one of the most-watched games right now and is among the top Battle Royale genre of games.

Running on the Titanfall engine and with some revamped Titanfall assets, the game is a fast-paced FPS with relatively high poly count models and long view distances. Our testing first included some discovery and research benchmarks, where we dug into various multiplayer zones and practice mode to try and find the most heavily loaded areas of the benchmark.

This will help find which cards can play the game at max settings — or near-max, anyway. The following is the script from our video.

The most important thing to do before embarking on testing dozens of configurations is to establish some level of reproducible result within the game. Framerate is all over the place in this game, which makes it functionally impossible to benchmark with full accuracy to absolute numbers. Just switching through clips in our video, you can see how varied the environments are. With the Ti and 4K settings at High, we observed an average FPS of 47 when dropping into the match, with framerate primarily driven downward when looking over the landscape at a glancing angle.

Viewing angles perpendicular to the ground boosted framerates significantly — not shown here — but wider views of the landscape and horizon drove FPS down to about 47FPS AVG. This was just coincidentally 60FPS averaged Vsync and adaptive sync were both disabled.

It appears that the framerate range is relatively constant when the GPU is stressed this heavily, but our follow-up p testing will demonstrate that framerate is less consistent when strain is removed from the pixel processing pipeline. With multiplayer, as long as testing is conducted in exactly the same spot every time, it is accurate from run-to-run and game-to-game.

The testing only deviates and becomes variable when testing in random locations. As long as control is exercised, multiplayer is a much better test environment for accurate data. The equality between lows is good for testing and shows that few actions within the game cause severe drops. This will give us data that best represents the real gameplay experience, but remains controllable for variables and reproducible in testing.

For p frametimes between the two in-game test passes, we get the chart being drawn now. Spikes greater than ms become noticeable to the player as a spike. Consistency is most important, with low frametime being the next most important. These two tests were actual gameplay sessions without deaths for 5 minutes, with no particular mind paid to specific test paths. They were tested in different regions of the game.

The red line is spikier on average, which leads to the worse overall average FPS. It also climbs above the blue line toward the beginning, where we start hitting ms while blue is still at ms frametimes.

Both of these are completely acceptable, of course, but the point is to show how those earlier averages are created, and that the game has some natural variance depending on type of play encountered. Further, note that we disabled the framerate limit completely. At the end, the numbers repeated. The Radeon VII card falls off hard as resolution increases, curiously and counter to what one might expect with its memory bandwidth, but this game does seem to run well on it at p when compared to the Ti.

There may be some heavy draw call regions that are more CPU-intensive, but on average, we are reasonably distant from the FPS bottleneck. Radeon VII seems to do well here. For this title, it seems that an RX with a light overclock — i. The Fury X ends up with frametime consistency issues, as does the RXwhere both have low framerates dropping below the mean distance against the average. The low performance is still consistent and good on the Ti, with frametimes on average within a few milliseconds of each other.

The Ti runs This is about within the performance range that we observed for the Radeon VII in our initial review. As for the rest, the seems to be a line of division against the lower-end of the charts, offering a good upgrade pathway for those wanting to play Apex Legends at p with high settings.

The RX experiences similar behavior. Interestingly, in this game, we actually do see the placing reasonably above the Ti. In our launch testing, the was closer to parity with the Ti in just about every game, and sometimes falling behind.


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