Ez loader bee hives

ez loader bee hives

Apiarists and beekeepers have long struggled with the manual labour that comes with keeping beehives. When you need to move multiple kilogram pallets of beehives quickly and efficiently, having the right machine for the job is essential.

Avant BeePro compact articulated loaders enable beekeepers to proactively increase efficiency and versatility, rather than increasing staff or responsibilities. In addition, Avant loaders also improve operator comfort and work quality. The Avant loader can be parked horizontally on the back of the truck with the forks still attached, or onto a trailer, due to its compact size.

This saves valuable tray space for the beehives and allows the Avant BeePro loader to be transported easily to any site. Avant BeePro loaders are certainly the best loaders on the Australian market for beekeepers.

Avant loaders target visibility and efficiency, lift capacity and power. Due to the telescopic boom, the Avant BeePro loader powers up to a 1, kg lift capacity and up to 3 m lifting height. The unique, articulated chassis allows operators to access beehives by crossing a variety of terrain with minimal damage. This makes the Avant BeePro loader perfect for sensitive areas such as National Parks and private properties.

From the load sensor system, which provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground, to the Avant quick hitch system allowing easy, safe and fast attachment coupling, the Avant loader range maintains both functionality and aesthetics, whilst allowing the operator to respond to machine issues. The Avant Beekeeper has greatly improved the efficiency of our operation.

Loading and Unloading the truck and dog trailer load times have improved and so has the loading and unloading the machine procedure. The forks are folded quickly and left on the machine and the new wheel mounted tie down points work brilliantly for quickly restraining the machine on the truck.

The lift capacity is also impressive for a machine which is so compact. More Images. Recommended Loaders. Other Attachments.By PhilbeeOctober 13, in Commercial Beekeepers. Alastair 16 posts. Jaspur M 10 posts. Kevh 7 posts. Philbee 7 posts. October 13, In NZ dollars something over 25 grand. Plus fitting, extra batteries and other incidentals.

ez loader bee hives

Yes I'm extrremely happy with it. Have used it quite a bit thus far, now I'm older and those ho. January 15, Stafford Engineering in Aussie, the guys that make the ezyloaders. The guy to talk to is Mark.

It's 13 years old but I would have reconditioned any moving parts that needed such as hydraulics or whatever and had the electrics checked out, would have been good. Whoever got it got a steal.

It is you filthy mongrel. I wanted it lol It is 24 volt and a little wide so you will need a truck to swing it off. Anybody who read the auction on tardme would have seen that it is ex plant and food. Haha i didnt think i would of won the auction but was patient and jumped on it just as it was closing? How are ya going to get it down there?

I dont think they would ship it Plus what sort of truck have you got to swing it off? I had the old man check it out hell hopefully get it sent down on a truck with a bit of luck, im hoping to mount it on my tandem trailer will make honey harvest a breeze this season if it all works out.

Haha i bet mate it was a good buy, i rung the guy in ozz who makes them, sounds like it wont be to hard to kit out with a couple batteries. Aparrently the auto level doesnt work either so theres a bit of work to do. I was dealing with staffing problems at the time. Awesome i didnt think theyl be to hard to sort out, all the mechanicals work fine and was still in use up until sale.On World Honey Bee Day lets take a look at where bees are currently. According to a new U. Department of Agriculture studyhoney bee populations are on a three percent rise, so far, in Additionally, Colony Collapse Disorder is down 27 percent compared to numbers in Truth is, bees are still in trouble and although there are innovators attempting to help, they are actually doing more damage to bees than helping solve the problem.

The viral-ity of this fundraising campaign was astounding. How arrogant humans can be. Meanwhile, this is a testament that is thriving. This newfangled honey collection system is comprised of plastic. The bees build their own wax on top of plastic frames and fill the cells with nectar and cap per usual.

When you turn on the tap, presto — honey squeezes through the center of a plastic double-walled comb construction. Once draining is completed, you can reset the tap, and the comb goes back to its original position.

Automation is in full effect. They fashion wax — a living substance — out of their own abdomens. Wax is where they store their food nectar and pollen and house their young. Wax vibrates and changes temperature. Cells have wall thicknesses of just 0.

Wax removes toxins from the honey.

ez loader bee hives

Bees manage the temperature of the cell rims to optimize transmissions of these messages. Wax holds history and memory via chemical signals put into it by the bees. Additionally, the is fully capped. Traditional beekeepers slice honey caps off with a knife and use a spinner which removes honey from wax frames. They then reuse the wax in their hives once more. Meanwhile, in colder climates honey often crystallizes, which means the Flow Hive may clog and require heating, killing the.We do not have that product in stock.

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Moving hives with an Ezyloader- a Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog

Email Tel. English Dansk English Deutsch. Your shopping basket Price in total incl. Go to the basket. Dealer Login Username: Password:. About Swienty Contact us. Brugernavn: Password:. EZ Loader hivelifter ; 2,00m 12V Item no. Sorry, not in stock. Add to basket. Description Specifications Documents Hive loader for professional beekeepers Using the EZ-loader, a single person can unload empty hive bodies and load full hive bodies in less than half an hour.

Many aspects of the EZ-loader are useful to beekeepers. For example, the fork tynes are moveable so as to easily separate hives anywhere in stack. Using the EZ-loader, you can save money, save time and save your back. The model is cm wide, has a reach of 4,00 meter and can easily lift kg. Related items. EUR 0,Welcome, Guest. Login or Register. Need Bees Removed? Idahobeeguy Guest. I plan to build a fifth wheel trailer trailer to haul bees with. I would like to build a loading boom to mount on the trailer that will load and unload the hives.

I am not to the point where the cost of a bobcat loader is justified. Having searched the internet for several hours, I have only found booms that will lift one hive at a time, instead of an entire pallet as I had hoped for.

Ohhh, My Aching Back!

If anyone could point out a good design of a boom or lift mechanism that they have found I would appreciate it. How do you plan on moving the pallets of hives to the trailer? I would think that most designs you have seen are for single hives because that is how they are moved to the trailer. Bushkill Bee Blog. You are correct, most of the loaders I saw were for single hives.

I was hoping to find a design in which the boom was sturdy enough to support the weight of 4 colonies which I know must be a fairly sturdy boom, given the weight of even a single colony.

If such a boom can be built affordably, I would load and unload the pallets with the boom by placing them as far from the trailer as the boom would reach.

EZ Loader - Pallet Positioner

I may have to move the trailer a few times in order to place the pallets where I want them, or to pick them up for loading. Anonymous Guest. I've also been looking for a boom design capable of lifting a pallet with four hives on it and have not come up with anything yet. Like you I can't yet justify the cost of a bobcat. If you come up with something I would appreciate your posting it on the forum.

If I don't find anything by next spring, I guess I'll just have to get the old calculator fired up and come up with my own design. An inexpensive method is to use an overhead beam which extends off the back of the trailer. Use an electric cable hoist on a beam trolley and you can lift from the ground and roll the pallets along the length of the trailer. Thanks for the information. I think I am going to pursue this idea further.

ez loader bee hives

I have a question, what do you need a honey trailer for? Is it just used to move the hives, frames, to your honey room or to a local farm for pollination? I've seen construction sites use a set of forks that hook directly to the cable of a crane or boom truck to lift pallets to roof tops mabey something like that on sn electric hoist would serve.


I'm now KL4GU on 2 and 10 meter ham radio!The diversity of the adjustable trailer separates EZ Loader from the rest: galvanized, aluminum, and powder coated finish, 1K to 15K lb. EZ Custom is known for high quality, long-last finishes, the patented I-Tube extruded frames, and innovative add - ons like lighted steps.

Thank you so much for my new EZ Loader Trailer. You have hit it out of the park!!! The craftsmanship, quality, and customer service are second to none. The paint, lightning, functionality and custom features make your trailers an ease to pull and something I am proud to have behind my vehicles.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to getting another new trailer in ! EZ Loader stays ahead of the curve with custom engineered technology and design, including 12 patents recognized and used industry wide. We build EZ Loader trailers to last with longevity, strength and integrity No other brand has the longevity of EZ Loader Committed to building one of the safest trailers on the road. Trust the oldest name in the industry and still a leader in manufacturing, industry participation with NMMA and NATM, government affairs and coalitions with other industry.

We are family owned since The Ezyloader MH, here fitted to a medium size truck, and using one of our Drum Lifter accessories to lift a heavy drum. The Ezyloader Hideaway stores itself and deploys automatically from its own neat and compact storage box. The PM model is a heavy duty vehicle-mounted Ezyloader, able to go wherever it's needed and handle loads up to a hefty kgs. The original Ezyloader was an award-winning invention by Trevor Billet for a vehicle-mounted load lifter that became known as the Billet Easyloader name later changed to the Ezyloader.

In the business devoted their time and resources exclusively to developing and manufacturing the patented Ezyloader load lifting system, which is now available in six different models. Our head office and production factory is based in Ballina, New South Wales, which is also the centre for research and development and customer technical support. Ezyloader has been recognised by the Australian Federal Government. Its patented technology was nominated in the prestigious Australian Technology Showcase.

This forum is designed to provide national and international exposure for the country's best innovations. Easy to change your Outside and Inside Jig using 4 bolts.

Check out all the details here. Read More. Ezyloader MH Leave no stone unturned. This Ezyloader is using the Rock Grab accessory to grasp and lift a heavy boulder. Ezyloader MH The power at your fingertips! Ezyloader Hideaway Jack in the Box! The most powerful Ezyloader of all, able to lift loads from kgs lbs to 1,kgs.

The PM model is a heavy duty vehicle-mounted Ezyloader, able to go wherever it's needed and handle loads up to a hefty kgs Read More. Find the right Ezyloader for you. About Ezyloader The original Ezyloader was an award-winning invention by Trevor Billet for a vehicle-mounted load lifter that became known as the Billet Easyloader name later changed to the Ezyloader.

Ezybox Jig Make your bee boxes quick and easily with the Ezybox Jig. Using the Ezyloader is simplicity itself. Many workplace injuries are preventable.


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