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Knives and forks at the ready The ten multiple choice quiz questions about food are listed below and children will enjoy the quirky and random nature of these food trivia quiz questions which are designed not only to be educational and interesting but also to encourage children to discuss their ideas and suggestions.

The answers to these kids' food quiz questions are at the very bottom of this page. Bon appetit! Question 1: The word 'coconut' comes from a 16th century Portuguese word 'cocos' meaning? Question 4: A tomato is a? Here are the answers to our food quiz questions for teenagers and children Answer 1: c grinnning face from the three holes on the shell that look a bit like a human face.

Carrots have been all kinds of colours through history including purple, black, red and yellow. Carrot colours still vary around the world today especially wild ones. Answer 4: a fruit although for cooking purposes they are quite often described as vegetables. Answer 5: c pizza. A calzone is basically a folded-over pizza to make a half-moon shape which is usually filled with pizza toppings like cheese and tomato.

Answer 6: lowrance hook2 problems prune Answer 7: a The rose. A surprising number of your favourite edible fruits are in the 'rose family' Rosaceae including apples, apricots, plums and pears. Answer 8: a pink bananas Answer 9: c it had to be soaked overnight. It was made of bran nuggets that were so tough they had to be soaked overnight to make them soft enough to eat.

Answer b South America. The potato was first cultivated there around years ago, and it had probably grown wild there for many thousands of years more. We hope you enjoyed our feast of food quiz questions. Feeling hungry? Have a scout around our website for many more quizzes for kids and teens including general knowledge questions and trivia quizzes. The word 'coconut' comes from a 16th century Portuguese word 'cocos' meaning? Up until about years ago the majority of carrots eaten in Europe were white.

A tomato is a? A calzone sounds like kal-zone-ay is a type of A dried plum is properly known as a? Strawberries, raspberries, peaches and cherries are all related to which type of flower? The odd coloured fruits from a plant whose latin name is Musa Velutina are? The first breakfast cereal invented in was not popular because? From which country do potatoes originate?Test your trivia knowledge with Questions and Answers Food Quizzes suitable for family members of all ages and levels as there's a mixture of easy and hard fun questions with answers for everyone's enjoyment and entertainment.

Our online quizzes are free and printable which means it's simple for quiz masters to print food quiz questions then print separate answers for free!

Click on one of our quiz rounds to test your knowledge about foods with our free Questions and Answers Food Quizzes with ready made questions and answers printable for family quizzes or your local Pub or Bar Quiz. Learn Interesting Food Facts With Our Free Online Questions and Answers Quizzes Test your trivia knowledge with Questions and Answers Food Quizzes suitable for family members of all ages and levels as there's a mixture of easy and hard fun questions with answers for everyone's enjoyment and entertainment.

These free food quizzes are entertaining and can be used for your own quiz night. If you want to become a quiz master, simply click on the relevant food questions and answers above and print them off for free. Try the quizzes and see how many of the answers you get correct. Holding your own questions night and seeing how many food quiz questions your friends and family can answer right is very entertaining and enjoyable.

These quizzes really give you a way of testing everyone's knowledge as well as having a real laugh and a giggle with your pals. All Quizzes and Answers are Printable for Free It's all good fun and there's nothing quite like the entertainment of quizzes to get the quiz night started, particularly from your own home! With these printable and free food quizzes, the pub no longer has to be the only reason to attend a quiz night!

Quiz Questions Index. Food Quiz 1 Food Answers to Quiz 1. Food Quiz 2 Food Answers to Quiz 2. Food Quiz 3 Food Answers to Quiz 3. Food Quiz 4 Food Answers to Quiz 4. Food Quiz 5 Food Answers to Quiz 5. Food Quiz 6 Food Quiz 6 Answers. Food Quiz 7 Food Quiz 7 Answers. Questions and Answers Food Quiz Try the quizzes and see how many of the answers you get correct. Food Quiz Questions and Answers Printable, ready made food quizzes for bars and pubs Family fun quizzes suitable quiz for kids and adults Bar Food Quizzes with answers to print out for free Simple and easy to print pub questions and answers Online pub trivia quiz, games and q and a rounds Multiple Choice and True or False Question Rounds Quizzes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and New Year No need to download as all quizzes are free to print out.Speak now.

Are you a real foodie? Do you enjoy nothing more than a plate of good food? With questions covering topics such as the origins of certain foods, the particular aspects of different cuisines, the nutritional value of different food and the production of food amongst many others, you are sure to be thoroughly entertained! Do you know the five different types of taste that humans possess? What food is highest in iron? These are just some of the questions you will be confronted with!

So put that food to a side for a little while and test yourself now! You might even learn something new about the very food on your plate! Food Handler Course Practice Quiz! Food handling over a long time has become as important as cooking the actual food. More discipline and care is required for handling food than even preparing it.

This quiz will help you gauge and improve your knowledge on the Sample Question. Guideline for the foodservice industry. Federal legislation. A municipal by-law. Provincial legislation. Take our food shopping quiz and find out.

Gourmet grocer. Farmer's market or organic food delivery service. Find out how the food you eat says something distinctive about your personality.

23 Quizzes For People Totally Obsessed With Food

We recommend not making rash decisions or judgment calls based on the results of this quiz. Liver, Kidney, Camel Hump, or something like that. I don't eat meat; It's bad for you. This quiz tests your knowledge about the different food groups we recently learned about. Fruit Quizzes.

Alcohol Quizzes. Drink Quizzes. Herb Quizzes. Food Safety Quizzes.By creating an account, you are indicating that you have read the Privacy Policy. Which classic dessert are you? Which spice are you? Which vegan recipe should you try? Find the answer to all of these questions and many, many more right here! Created by: Regan Mcmillen. Created by: julie hurd. Created by: Banana0slip. Created by: Evan Werner. Created by: Ayushi's World. Created by: Jessica Woods.

Created by: CN Turtlelover Created by: xyz. Created by: marcia. Created by: amanda. Created by: Katka Created by: danielle. Created by: jenn. Created by: Ceeje Created by: milest. Created by: jinny. Created by: lyn. Created by: LizyLizard.

Created by: moocow. Created by: spicydolphinsonfire. Created by: shannon. Created by: Flexitariandiet. Created by: Mars Created by: Ashshadow Created by: Momina.

Created by: Zahrah. Created by: imabanana. Created by: RanmaYukihira. Created by: neha.Speak now. Do you like to live fast? Waste no time in sleeping or eating? Are you completely addicted to fast food? Well, check how fast you can answer our questions! You can devour whatever you want without getting heart diseases! Which franchise restaurant is located in countries? When were drive-in restaurants introduced in the U. Drive through the quizzes and check if your score is as high as fast food caloric value!

But have you ever thought about where that food or that company may have come from? Sample Question. Bill's Brothers. What's Your Favourite Fast Food? Papa John's. Pizza Hut. Do You Like Fast Food?

food quiz games

Dave Thomas. Ronald McDonald. The King. Ronald Burger. This quiz reveals what fast food you are, like french fries or a burger. Quarter Pounder. Big Mac.Just trust me on this one. Cure your boredom! Got a sweet tooth? Maybe you should start thinking of your wedding colors Who can say no to anything fried? Maybe it's your dream job Are pancake lovers great singers? Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

I'm dreaming of a White Claw Summer This might sound cheesy, but I think they're all really grate. A cake is something that can actually be so personal. Who's in the house? It's time to find out if you're meant to be!

Give it a try though. Run down to the Great Hall! Let's get this bread. Deliciously accurate. Here's some food for the soul. Give me ALL the cheesecake. Yes, brunch can determine your future.

food quiz games

Your sundae can say a LOT about you. I'll just stick to the kids menu, thanks. We all know brown sugar cinnamon is superior. More coffee, please! Hope you're hungry! Sharpen your knives.All Quizzes. Take a Random Food Quiz. Most Popular Here are our most popular Food quizzes. Click here to see them all.

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Name That Fruit Quiz. Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants.

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Foods by Country Quiz. Foods by Picture. Best Selling Sodas Quiz. Movies with Food in the Title. Spanish Food Words Quiz. Chain Restaurant Menu Quiz. Sayings About Food Quiz. Best-Selling Breakfast Cereals Quiz. French Food Words Quiz. Most Popular Spices Quiz.

food quiz games

Foods that Start with C Quiz. Junk Foods by Picture. Foods that Start with M Quiz.

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Most Popular Fruits. Basic Cake Ingredients. Types of Food. Foods that Start with D Quiz. Foods that Start with P Quiz. Foods that Start with H Quiz.


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