How to tune a sealed subwoofer box to 30hz

Forgot your password? I took my woofer to my install bay today and they were shocked I wanted to tune to 33hz. They felt that was way too low. Now, I listen to all types of music, pop, 1 hits, old school rock etc I just want to be sure this box is tuned to where I need it to be. He wants to build it to 4 cubic ft and tune it to 38 - 40hz but I see almost everyone on here tuned lower.

I have a 15 BL Fully Loaded. I think they are worried that it will be too low for the type of music I listed to. I just don't want these guys to be right, I tune it to 35 hz and miss a bunch of bass from the songs I listen to. Tuning it "too low" is not a problem.

Tuning it too high is. You either end up with the lowest notes missing, or you try to play them and end up with woofer damage. My box in my suburban with 4 Avalanche 15's not the wall started tuned to 32 Hz. As I wanted to increase my numbers on the meter, I tried 35 Hz and 38 Hz.

My dads Rolling Stones will still sound decent? My car goes in tomorrow. The lower the tune the better low end extension your gonna have. The higher it is the more pronounced and tight its gonna sound. Thats from my experience though and its what ive gathered from all the boxes and setups ive tried.

At the same time i had a good friend design mine whos been in the business for years and tuned at 30hz mine has a super wide frequency range. We got mine worked out to go from 18hz all the way up too 79hz and stay almost perfectly flat all the way. So many things to take into consideration but from what i know about BLs when i had mine 34hz worked like a charm in 4cubes after displacement.

Tune to 32 and call it a day. The numbers recommended on the BL 15 page for enclosure etc If not, what is the displacement of the BL 15 fully loaded?

I am tuning to 34hz. The displacement of the BL and any other subwoofer they sell is on there site no matter fully loaded or not it will have the same displacement.

how to tune a sealed subwoofer box to 30hz

When manufacturers give recommended specs it is talking about box volume after displacements sub, port and bracing.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Oct 31, I haven't seen a build like this and I'm wondering if it can be done with the purpose of getting the "best of both worlds" out of 2 drivers.

Can one have a sealed box housing one 18" driver in the same outside enclosure as a larger volume ported box with another 18" driver? Here is what I was toying around with. Please forgive my crude drawing! Joined Feb 6, Would the two subs work together? Joined Aug 1, You would probably be best not using two of the same driver too. You would want the sealed to be able to come close to matching the output of the ported down to a certain frequency, say 30hz.

I would probably look at putting a sealed 18 with a ported 15 personally. Your going to be looking at a huge cabinet though, a sealed 18 could take litres for example. Joined Mar 3, Why not go with a bandpass design? It's similar to what you're considering, only the back of the driver is sealed and the front is ported.

Only uses one driver though.If you want to visit a local KICKER dealer in your area, we recommend calling ahead to confirm store hours and availability.

Please use proper safety equipment and procedures when using power equipment. The following information is available for you to use at your leisure. When it comes to selecting an enclosure type to get the best sound from your woofer and matching it to your taste in music, it can be a little confusing. The purpose of an enclosure is to improve bass response and prevent woofer damage from over-excursion. There are a few things you will need to consider before making your final selection that will ultimately affect your choice in subwoofer enclosure style.

Here are some of the key points you will need to consider:.

how to tune a sealed subwoofer box to 30hz

Once you have determined the above conditions, you will then be able to make a choice that will get the best bass response. The next sections will outline the most popular types of enclosures to help you make a selection that is right for your listening tastes. An infinite baffle is not necessarily an enclosure. This can be a flat board with the woofers mounted to it and then attached to back of the seat of a sedan.

Another example of infinite baffle is how speakers are mounted in the rear package trays of most sedans. The speakers have no enclosure and the speakers are mounted facing up in the package tray. Many vehicles have subwoofers mounted in the rear package tray infinite baffle right next to the full range speakers. Infinite baffle mounting is often considered the best overall sounding of all the examples we are going to talk about.

They do not have an enclosure that will change the way the woofer naturally sounds.

How to tune subwoofer box

When mounting woofers in an infinite baffle configuration, you must have a woofer that is capable of operating in an infinite baffle or ported enclosure. You will need to make sure that you seal the mounting baffle as good as possible to the vehicle so that the sound waves from the rear of the speaker cannot reach the front of the speaker to cause cancellation.

Remember that bass can travel through anything that is not solid such as the rear seat foam and even other speakers that are mounted near the woofers. Any areas not sealed between the front and rear of the baffle will decrease the amount of bass. An ideal infinite baffle mounting can be a challenge due to the potential difficulty of sealing off the front and rear of the baffle. That is why it is important to have an amplifier which has a subsonic filter to eliminate any damaging frequencies reaching the subwoofer.

Infinite baffle mounting does limit the total output of the woofer and its power handling. That is why it is best to use a woofer specifically designed for this type of mounting configuration.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center?

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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. The Difference Between. Wiki User Yes, but not as vast as you can tune a ported box. But yes it it possible. When referring to subwoofer enclosures, ported and vented are the same thing, as opposed to a sealed box.

Sealed boxes are said to provide a harder "hit" and better sound quality but may not sound as loud as a ported box. Neither type of box is particularly "better" than the other, so the choice is between SQ sound quality of a sealed box vs. Hope this helps! You should really get a custom made box for it. Actually ever subwoofer should be housed in a custom made box. This way you can tune the frequency. The lower the frequency the lower the bass.

Ask any Car audio shop near you, they will build one for you for cheap! Asked in Auto Parts and Repairs How do you open a subwoofer? It depends on what type of box it is in. For sealed boxes, take the speaker cover off and you just unscrew the speaker from the box. Bandpass boxes usually have to unscrew the plexiglass front then take the speaker cover off and you just unscrew the speaker from the box. Which is the best sony wireless subwoofer? How big of a box do I need to build for 10" subwoofers?

When building a custom box to hold you subwoofer, size and air space recommended is different from subwoofer to subwoofer. Reference an owners manual online or at home to determine the best size to build your box. To often mount a subwoofer you will need your desired subwoofer box of choice. Once you have decided what type of box you want, then you will need to take your subwoofer and insert it into the subwoofer hole.

Then you screw it down. Once this is done you take your wires and run it into the subwoofer. An amplifier is not necessarily needed, but you'll definitely want one. You will then take your amplifier and connect it to your cars battery, and then also ground it to your car. What's the best subwoofer for someone who listens to classic music and doesn't need thumping bass?

The best type of subwoofer for classical music is a sealed enclosure.When i was looking around i heard people would tune to and still hit the lower notes just fine.

What vehicle is it? And math errors do occur, but of I were building someone else's box, I wouldn't let it leave my garage incorrect. Pics of box and style subs up port up, etc? Pull out a tape measure for this and measure yourself. He will have rip off the top of the box and take out the l sections of your port and replace them with longer pieces.

Good thing he didn't have it totally glued and sealed. My boxes are impossible to get back into when they are done without the MDF itself falling apart. I hope it works put for this poor box in your case. Post some pics and keep us updated on it. Search In. Welcome to the SMD forum! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 14, Stock Infinity 7 speaker system Junk soon to be replaced, probably all Alpine. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

What style box is it? Aero ported, slot, square?Just because it is tuned to 32 doesn't mean 32 will be the loudest. Its like the whole deal over tuned to 36hz, peak at 42hz.

Yes is does have something to do with freq response but the number itself doesn't refer to any real change or peak in the response curve.

how to tune a sealed subwoofer box to 30hz

Best Score to Date : I had a box tuned to 34hz and a box tuned to 37hz both in my trunk and peaked at 49hz so i understand what you're talking about. I'm jus tired of the science aspect of box building but it plays a role. Sealed boxes are to easy but leaves your sub wanting more output, if it was designed for sealed then your option-less.

Ok thanx for the understanding. I'll worry about the important things in life like amplifier output and voltage holdings of your electrical system. I agree with u on that but cars, suv's, trucks are different in cabin gain. So trial and error plays a significant role in box building. And if the sealed box is tuned correctly you can play well with the lows aswel. DO you have subs or an amp already and just trying to get a box together? So There really isn't a type of sub that is best for the music you like to listen to, unless you are going pure SQ, then there are brands that will be better than others for that application.

Not completely true. I am curently tuned to 29hz, but my best sounding frequency is around hz. And my range is fonominal and super clean and clear. Port tuning is the frequency the sound will actually come from the port. A port is a Helmholtz resonator. Excursion of the sub becomes a minimum at the tuned frequency, and the sound is generated through the port.

As far as output at tuning vs. Box size, driver parameters, and port tuning work together to create the frequency response. Designs can be created to extend the low frequency response while sacrificing output, but most car applications create a peak in the frequency response just above tuning. This sacrifices some low end frequency response, but the natural boost of low frequencies refered to as cabin gain in a car make up for it.

Why does every oe tune their box to ~30 Hz?

Im trying to built a box tuned at 32hz could u help me whit this I dont know th right measurements I have 2 12 jl audio w3. Search In. Welcome to the SMD forum! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.I've gotten a blowjob and picked up my iphone behind her back to see what email notification I got from smd before.

how to tune a sealed subwoofer box to 30hz

Depends on the Fs of the sub. If you love jumping the coil out of the gap, go for it. Why are people tuning SOOO low, it's dumb. Tune to 35 Hz like the sub suggests, end of story. Everyone thinks its cool to tune subHz these days. Home installs are the only place mid 20s tuning belongs. Like honestly think about it, when you go to a competition or car show with audio included, people don't crowd around the burp cars tuned high, people gather around the low tuned ground pounding monsters.

Amp: TMXad - 4 channel watt. Fairing Front 6. Tuning to 20s isn't necessary to get the experience you're speaking of. Steve himself has said that tuning to 20s is silly in a vehicle. Tune to low 30s and dig into mid 20s easily anyway with the right equipment, but having the box tuning in mid 20s is a waste of upper bandwidth.

Just the same as a burp car hitting 60Hz is a one note wonder, you're wasting a lot to tune so low, in my opinion. I realize this is really all purely subjective because listening preferences all vary. I'm just seeing this dumb trend lately of guys wanting to do 3 things:. It Just gets tiring seeing countless posts where guys are wanting to do something that they shouldnt that makes no sense. You could tune to FS, but FS isn't the same in an enclosure, well FS doesnt really exist in an enclosure but the speaker's resonate frequency will change in an enclosure.

So you could tune to fs, or at least near it. Rest in peace, walled 87 accord build log. My super random youtube channel and terrible camera work. Wiring comparison by CaptainzPlanetz. Wire and fuse guide by Guest SyKo I understand where you're coming from man, tuning below 28hz is quite unnecessary if you ask me, I just hate it when some people say anything below 36hz is unnecessary. As far as running.

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