Instagram bot github

instagram bot github

In this tutorial we will see how to use instagram bot which likes, comments, follow and un-follow users automatically. It is tested on Raspberry PiKali and Ubuntu.

We will use the InstaBot library. This library is written in python and it works without the new Instagram API. So that you wont need to give permission to integrate instagram API or anything. This will store your credential Username and Password in your local computer only.

Requirements: Min. Python 2. To support the project go to the Git link provided and donate to LevPashaShare and like this tutorial. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. But there are few things I am adding you should know before that.

For more details read Git repository documentation. To test if you installed everything right please open editor and type this code. By adding tagsbot will only like and follow the media in which provided tags are used. I will suggest you to play inside couple of hundreds for this. After the 5 Mins bot will follow the each user. By git documentation this works on all platforms including Windows Please write in comments if you run it successfully on other platforms or face any problems.

This is my first instructable. Please comment, share and follow. Also give your suggestions. Follow to stay tuned and updated. I will add pictures in tutorial soon. How to create Example. Question 10 months ago on Step 2. Traceback most recent call last : File " eugenia. I keep getting errors while trying to run this on my Raspberry Pi 3. Question 2 years ago.You will need a downloaded project.

Where name is the name of the script, param is the required parameter for running the script. Not all scripts need a parameter. If there are no necessary parameters, the script will stop and display an error.

Run the script.

instagram bot github

The first time you run it, you will be prompted to configure the script. Script settings are stored in the setting. Yes, there is a script that rounds up subscribers and subscriptions of certain people around the clock, and also likes photos by nickname and hashtag. All this allows the script - ultimate. The folder also contains other text files for running the script. In these files, each new parameter needs to be written from a new line.

Also there is a script that will work around the clock, BUT this script will act according to plan. This script is ultimate.

You can open the code with any editor and fix it. This will be easy, since there are comments in important parts of the code. To ensure that your account has not been banned, you need to configure the script Example.

Suppose we need to keep photos on the hashtag every minute. First of all, time in seconds. Find such lines approximately so they should look. We need to write a parameter in parentheses. This parameter needs to be set to 60, since we need every minute the bot to be happy with the photo on the hashtag. In the end, it will look like this. Read the instructions from start to finish, and then act! Good luck!Released: Apr 9, View statistics for this project via Libraries. Unlike other bots, Instabot.

It runs on most systems, including Raspberry Pi. On Windows you might have to use python without the version 3 suffix. Experienced users should use virtualenv. If your version is below 3. Run instabot-py --create-config command and a default configuration will be created in your current directory: instabot. It should be modified according the needs. You can also run the bot with a different configuration file using -c flag: instabot-py -c myconfiguration.

Please feel free to contribute and submit PR requests.

instagram bot github

All help is appreciated. Look for issues with the label needs help. If you want to be in developer team, please email me. By default, instabot looks for the configuration file instabot.

It could be changed by exporting environment variable with the full path:. Create Telegram bot for instabot. Apr 9, Apr 7, Apr 6, Apr 5, Apr 4, Mar 27, Mar 3, Feb 29, Feb 15, Feb 12, Feb 9, Feb 8, Jan 4, Dec 25, Dec 18, Dec 13, GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

Free Instagram (tm) Bot

It runs as a desktop application on your computer and will every day follow up to users configurable. You choose a list of instagram users whose market you want to target. The bot navigates to each of these, finds the last people to have followed them and then follows each of them. Then after 5 days also configurableit will unfollow the users. Simple and effective. This is because Microsoft requires a costly certificate to remove this dialog I'm not going to pay for that.

Alternatively try to google windows run untrusted app. Many people are getting Action Blocked message these days with this bot as well as other bots it seems even people just manually following using the app Instagram is tightening their rules by not allowing promiscuous behavior like following and liking strangers' photos as much as before, and imposing temp blocks when they think you crossed the limit.

You use this app at your own risk! I have had great success with this app but I am not responsible for any consequences it may have for your Instagram account. Icons made by Freepik from www. This project is maintained by me alone. The project will always remain free and open source, but if it's useful for you, consider supporting me.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Simple Instagram bot GUI. JavaScript Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit. Latest commit 7db46ed Apr 4, Now as a simple desktop app! How does it work? Features What makes it different from other bots? A word of warning Many people are getting Action Blocked message these days with this bot as well as other bots it seems even people just manually following using the app Instagram is tightening their rules by not allowing promiscuous behavior like following and liking strangers' photos as much as before, and imposing temp blocks when they think you crossed the limit.

Tips to avoid ban I advise you to follow these guidelines: Run the bot on the same internet connection e. WiFi as you normally use your phone with the Instagram mobile app.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Feb 10, Desktop App that provides tools and bots for instagramtwitter, facebook and other social networks: FREE. This software performs automated actions such as putting "I like" based on hashtags, follow-defollow, writing comments, scraping pages and many other useful features to increase your engagement.

A bot does not work miracles but it helps you simplify tedious operations like putting photos to make yourself noticed: while you create quality content. We do not track users, we do not save your data and we do not know your password: why? We are not in the cloud : everything happens only on your computer. Not enough for you? The code is open source. If you are a developer you can create your own bot or algorithms using our libraries.

Using a bot however violates the terms and conditions of YOUR account on social networks as highlighted in the instagram or facebook policy. The developers assume no responsibility for ban, soft ban or permanent ban of YOUR account for violating the terms and conditions of the social network where you intend to use it. This software is provided with no warrantyunder the MIT license. Languages English Italiano Polski. Stable v0. Thanks for the Donations! Do you want to appear here?Instagram bots have become increasingly popular in recent years and have been considered the most effective way to quickly grow Instagram accounts.

The idea behind it is relatively simple. Through the increased activity like, follow, unfollow, etc… which is executed by the bot, you get a lot of engagement in return. Many social media agencies and influencers use bots. In this article we explain what Instagram bots are all about, which ones you should use and what things you have to consider when using them.

Because only if you choose the right settings and follow a strategy you can get the most out of them. In addition, we share our experiences we have made over the years and give a forecast for the year and beyond. For the nerds among the readers there is of course also the possibility to program the bot themselves and create an Instagram bot for free.

But there is a lot of know-how and risks involved. More about this below. An Instagram bot is nothing else than a robot abbreviated bot which takes over the account and acts on behalf you. The bot takes over various activities and simulates natural user behavior and activity. This eliminates the need to manually interact with other users and allows the bot to do the work. This of course also increases the engagement of other users with your account and you grow without even being active yourself.

The really good Instagram bots see test winner below even do the posting and you can plan the feed in advance. This also saves time and at the same time increases engagement, as you can schedule your activities at exactly the times when most users are online. Finally, an Instagram bot is a very practical tool to grow faster on Instagram. Especially in combination with high quality content you can significantly accelerate account growth.

There are currently hundreds of Instagram bots on the market. You can find dozens of providers on Google within seconds. They are limited in functionality, do not work non-stop and are usually very obvious. Therefore one should pay attention which one to choose.

After all these years we have created our current TOP 5 of the best Instagram bots for This list will be checked regularly and updated if necessary. Ingramer is one of the newest and, in our opinion, one of the best Instagram bots currently available on the market. The high functionality and easy handling is ideal, especially if you want to use multiple accounts. Among other things Ingramer can:. This way you have the most important functions all covered with one tool and nothing stands in the way of Instagram growth anymore.

A further advantage is the exceptionally good customer support which answers and responds to any questions within the shortest possible time. Compared to Ingramer you get almost all features but price is significantly lower. It fulfills the most important functions, is easy to use and reduced to the most essential.Growing an audience is an expensive and painful task.

I always saw Instagram has a great way to promote my photos, but I never had more than followers The objective of this project is to build a bigger audience and as a plus, maybe drive some traffic to my website where I sell my photos!

Instagram Python Bot

A year ago, on my last Instagram run, I got one of those apps that lets you track who unfollowed you. I was curious because in a few occasions my number of followers dropped for no apparent reason.

instagram bot github

After some research, I realized how some users basically crawl for followers. They comment, like and follow people — looking for a follow back. Only to unfollow them again in the next days. I came up with a simple bot in Python, while I was messing around with Selenium and trying to figure out some project to use it. Simply put, Selenium is like a browser you can interact with very easily in Python. Ideally, increasing my Instagram audience will keep me motivated to post regularly.

As an extra, I included my website in my profile bio, where people can buy some photos. I think it is a bit of a stretch, but who knows?! My sales are basically zero so far, so it should be easy to track that conversion! After giving this project some thought, my objective was to increase my audience with relevant people. I want to get followers that actually want to follow me and see more of my work.

This way, I can be very specific about what kind of interests I want my audience to have. For instance, I really like long exposures, so I can target people who use that hashtag and build an audience around this kind of content. Simple and efficient! My gallery is a mix of different subjects and styles, from street photography to aerial photography, and some travel photos too. In the course of three days I went from to followers. Lots of likes, comments and even some organic growth people that followed me but were not followed by the bot.

It needs to have some sleep commands in between the actions, because after some comments and follows in a short period of time, Instagram stops responding and the bot crashes. And most importantly, after doing this for a dozen hashtags, it just gets harder to find new users in the same hashtags.

You will need to give it a few days to refresh the user base there. The most efficient way to get followers in Instagram apart from posting great photos! The bot saves a list with all the users that were followed while it was running, so someday I may actually do something with this list.

For instance, I can visit each user profile, evaluate how many followers or posts they have, and decide if I want to keep following them. Or I can get the first picture in their gallery and check its date to see if they are active users. If we remove the follow action from the bot, I can assure you the growth rate will suffer, as people are less inclined to follow based on a single like or comment.

Even though I truly believe in giving back to the community I still learn a lot from it too! Some are shady, some are used by celebrities. The possibility of starting a similar platform myself, is not off the table yet, so why make the code available?


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