Oki toner reset

After replacing the toner cartridge in your Okidata B, you'll need to reset the counter to ensure that the system keeps track of the level. On some printers this is done automatically. But in the B the user manually completes the reset. Don't reset the counter unless you've replaced the toner cartridge.

Doing so is not beneficial and will not make your toner last longer. Press the "Online" button on the control panel. This is located on the left side of the control panel, directly beneath the "Menu" button. Press the "Menu" button repeatedly to scroll through the menu options.

Pay attention to the display screen. Stop pressing "Menu" when the display shows "Maintenance. Press the "Select" button on the right side of the control panel to access the "Maintenance" menu.

Press the "Item" button repeatedly until "Drum Counter Reset" displays on the screen. The "Item" button is directly to the right of the "Menu" button. Press "Select" to reset the counter, and then press "Online" to return to the operating mode. Step 1 Press the "Online" button on the control panel. Step 2 Press the "Menu" button repeatedly to scroll through the menu options. Step 3 Press the "Select" button on the right side of the control panel to access the "Maintenance" menu.

Step 5 Press "Select" to reset the counter, and then press "Online" to return to the operating mode. Share this article. Show Comments.This section describes how to change the settings of the printer as an Administrator. Sets the IP address. Sets the Subnet Mask. Sets the Gateway Address. Displayed only when [IPSec] is enabled and only the change to disable is available. When [Normal] is selected, the printer works effectively even if connected to a hub that has the spanning tree feature.

However, the start-up time of printer becomes longer when the printer is connected to a small LAN that consists of two or three computers. To prevent a timeout error occurring when a job is sent to the machine in sleep mode, set to [Specific].

Sets whether to check if the paper size of the tray and the page size of the document do not match. Automatically switches paper to print from A4 to Letter if A4 document is to be printed with A4 paper run out and Letter paper loaded, from Letter to A4 if Letter document is to be printed with Letter paper run out and A4 paper loaded.

Sets the size of the printable page area when no command to specify the paper edit size is sent from the computer. Sets whether to give priority to the print quality or the print speed when printing PDF.

Sets the width of the PCL default font. Available range: 0. Sets the height of the PCL default font. The height is displayed to two decimal points at 0. Sets the number of columns for automatic line feed on A4 paper for PCL. When the minimum line width is specified in PCL, a 1 dot line may look like a broken line. This mode adjusts fine lines so that they look like solid lines.

Specifies the distance from the left edge of paper so that the print starting point shifts to the right horizontally.

How to Reset an Okidata B4600 Toner

If enabled, the machine verifies that the job is not altered before starting printing. The security is enhanced, however it will take longer to start printing. If the set period elapses after jobs are stored, the jobs will be automatically deleted. If [Private Print Only] is selected, print jobs other than private print are not accepted. Sets whether to search a job at the same time as unlocking the panel lock when the access control is enabled. Sets the ink simulation.

This setting is enabled only for PS language jobs. This menu setting is disabled if using the ink simulation function.

Sets whether to display the warning that informs the drum, fuser, or belt is near the end of life on the LCD display.Page of Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Safety, warranty and regulatory information 32 pages. Printer Oki B Specifications Mono printers 2 pages. All rights reserved.

Page 3: Emergency First Aid 15 minutes keeping eyelids open. Seek medical attention. Spillages should be treated with cold water and soap to help reduce risk of staining skin or clothing.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Introduction Page 5 Printer drivers Page 6 Index A note provides additional information to supplement the main text which may help you to use and understand the product.

A caution appears in this manual like this. A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction or damage. A summary of these materials and their purposes is given in the following chapter. Choose which pages you wish to print: [All pages], for the entire manual. Page 17 Power on LED green This indicator comes on and stays on when the printer is switched on using the main power switch.

Page Online Button Turning the printer on-line ready. The secondary functions of the Online button are activated after turning the printer off line, then pressing and holding the switch for four seconds before releasing.The instruction below is for Okidata Cdn printer, but the step will be the same with another OKi printer. Prepare a soft cloth to cover the drum from the bottom as well as one on top to protect the drum unit when removing from printer.

Remove the drum unit from the printer and place on top of the soft cloth. Use another soft cloth to cover the unit so as to protect it from the light. If the drum unit is exposed to light for too long, the quality of the print will decrease.

In this diagram, this is where the fuse will be installed. Please take note of the placement of this area. Return the drum unit back into the printer.

Then close the cover, plug the printer and turn the printer back on. The imaging or drum unit will reset. After the printer resets, it is recommended to remove the fuse out of the unit as it is not needed anymore. When removing the fuse, please follow the same steps as for when installing the fuse. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

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How to refill reset Okidata toner cartridge 45807101 , 45807110

Download File. Comments 2 []: []: Print Article. Export to PDF. Add to My Favorites. Remove from Favorites.An OKI Data laser printer should print approximately 25, pages before you need to replace the drum, so if you print many business documents, you may have to replace it once or twice or year. When replacing the drum, you must reset the drum page count on the machine to avoid random print errors that prompt you to replace the drum.

oki toner reset

Resetting the drum page count also helps you keep a tab on the number of pages printed since the last replacement, which can help your business avoid sudden, unexpected drum replacement costs.

Press the "Online" button near the display panel on the top of the printer to take the unit offline. Press the "Select" button, and then press "Item" repeatedly until the Drum Count Reset menu option appears. Press the "Select" button to reset the counter.

oki toner reset

Power off the printer if you have not already done so. Press and hold the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously as you press the "Power" button to restart the printer. Press the down arrow button near the LCD display a few times until the Engine Dialog Mode option appears on the menu screen.

Release the "Online" and "Enter" buttons after the message appears. Power off the OKI Data laser printer, and then turn it on again. The drum page count resets to zero.

Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites.

oki toner reset

Share on Facebook. Step 1 Press the "Online" button near the display panel on the top of the printer to take the unit offline. Step 1 Power off the printer if you have not already done so. About the Author.The machine is in Sleep mode or Deep Sleep mode. Setting Power Save Mode. The machine is turned off. Turn the machine on. Turning On the Machine. Check that the cable is plugged into the machine and computer properly.

Connecting This Machine to a Network. There may be a problem with a cable. Replace the cable with a new cable. The machine is offline. An error message is displayed on the display screen of the operator panel. Check the error messages displayed on the screen display or press [? Error Message List. The interface setting is disabled. Whether there is a consistency with the machine's settings and the network connection environment, check the settings of the interface that you are using on the operator panel.

There is a problem with the print function. Check if the menu map can be printed.

Oki B4400 Series User Manual

Checking the Information of the Machine. The power switch LED lamp quickly flashes at approximately 0. A malfunction may occur in the machine. Unplug the power cord immediately, and then contact your dealer. For Windows. The machine is not set as the default printer. Set the machine as the default printer. The output port of the printer driver is incorrect. The machine is processing data from another interface.

Wait until printing is complete. Setting Power Save Mode The machine is turned off. Connecting This Machine to a Network There may be a problem with a cable. Error Message List The interface setting is disabled. Connecting This Machine to a Network There is a problem with the print function. Cause Solution Reference The machine is not set as the default printer. Table of Contents. Search results.Register Log in Wishlist 0. To help mitigate the spread of COVID and in line with the latest Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed.

We hope to open again soon. Stay Safe. Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Reset your drum with our stick on reset chip. Reusing your imaging drum for another cycle will save you money and also help the environment by reducing a massive amount of plastic, packaging, precious oil and metal waste! The chip is installed on the outside of the drum unit so you do not need to disassemble the drum unit to install anything.

It is very easy! You do not need any tools or additional software to install the chip The chip works with both the starter drum s that are supplied free with the printer and also new drums bought from retail outlets.

Detailed reset instructions are available both by email in the form of a pdf and online via the video installation instructions on this page. The chip can only be used once to reset one drum unit. Each chip has double sided tape to allow it to attach securely to the imaging drum.

Administrator Setup Menu

You stick the chip on to the drum when the printer is turned off, then you turn on the power, wait a few minutes for the printer to calibrate and it's ready! Your drum will be reset. The drum that you want to reset the counter for must be in good condition and provide good quality prints until it is blocked by the printer counter.

oki toner reset

If the drum unit had any print defects before the replace drum message appeared, the chip cannot fix print defects. The drum reset chip does not reset the toner level!

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