Shopping trends in south korea

As South Korea has been historically known for the Korean War, North-South Korean conflict and the Asian financial crisis, thanks to Hallyu and the subsequential rebrand, South Korea has created new cultural perceptions and now considered a Mecca for pop culture, fine cuisine, high-tech cities, and unique entertainment superstars.

By using their online resources to explore, review and shop, South Koreans dedicate time to researching and purchasing the best products money can buy. Induced as an economic side effect of Hallyu, South Korea has also enacted pivotal free market agreements with more than 50 countries — supplying South Korean consumers with even more options, especially in the digital landscape as brands can showcase and advertise their products on popular eCommerce sites like gmarket.

On the other side of the coin, these free market trade agreements also support the Korean Wave through the exportation of Korean goods to other markets, particularly China. Another valuable insight is that, much like in America, brands are considered representative of the consumer used to indicate the social status of an individualso superstars, influencers and key tastemakers and their fashion decisions hold massive influence over the majority of South Korean consumers.

Often, their decisions and endorsements can strategically determine the fashion and beauty trends of the season depending on brand and businesses partnerships — much like influencer-brand relations in the United States. And due to celebrity influence, the majority of consumer interest is focused on entertainment and fashion; justifying the rise of K-pop, fandoms, fast fashion, live streaming, and innovative cosmetics. Even though live streaming has taken a while to catch on in the United States, its popularity across South Korea is all the rage.

In fact, research has shown that nearly eight out of every ten people in South Korea have used a live streaming platform within the last year. There are a plethora of live streaming apps and platforms that are popular in South Korea with the most popular being KakaoTalk at around 49 million monthly active users.

Consumers are using live streams not only to check out and interact with the cool things their friends are doing throughout the day but also to see what their favorite influencers are up to as well. IMO: Whereas American social media is often used to promote a specific image or maintain a personal aesthetic, the prevalence of real-time communication via social ospf process id like live streaming in South Korea shows a more authentic social media experience between users.

Research has shown that the top live streamers typically attract overviewers per live stream session. User engagement is the highest priority even when consumers are making purchases through a live stream, which is why consumer purchasing opportunities are closely tied to user engagement via real-time chat.

Fandom culture is absolutely dominating South Korea and expanding across the world thanks to Hallyu and the international fame of K-pop stars.

The most popular K-pop group right now, BTS, is smashing global record sales and boasting an influential Luckily, most K-pop stars are open to different types of brand partnerships; creating optimal opportunities for brands to tap into fandom followings through influencer activations across the globe.

Fan-sponsored billboards are now commonplace in hotspot markets like Seoul and New York City but will cost a pretty penny. There are thousands of ASMR, otherwise known as autonomous sensory meridian response, videos on YouTube and a few of the more popular ASMRtists have more than half a million subscribers ; creating unique advertising and partnership opportunities for brands that can fit the ASMR mold and offer a boutique experience for ASMR fans.

One tip we learned upon researching ASMR a bit more is that the more unique the sound, the more ear-catching and popular it might become. Because the use of ASMR can adjust to the needs of the listener, ASMR is widely used among various age groups in South Korea, from helping people relax and fall asleep to adding pleasure and delight to commutes and office work. By gaining a better sense of the most popular trends in South Korea today and understanding the South Korean consumer, we hope you enjoy watching the Winter Games and have gathered a few new ideas for how your brand can connect with a South Korean audience.

February 13, Posted by Abby Long and Maddie Owen. South Korean consumers are well connected, informed and ready to discover new products and share their interests with others. Live Streaming Even though live streaming has taken a while to catch on in the United States, its popularity across South Korea is all the rage.

Fandoms Fandom culture is absolutely dominating South Korea and expanding across the world thanks to Hallyu and the international fame of K-pop stars.

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Online grocery shopping spending South Korea 2019

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shopping trends in south korea

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What will trend in South Korea in 2019?

This statistic ranks the most popular online shopping properties in South Korea as of Octobersorted by number of unique visitors. During that month, Gmarket had the largest traffic with around 8. Most popular online shopping properties in South Korea as of Octoberby number of unique visitors in millions.

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shopping trends in south korea

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shopping trends in south korea

Related Stories. Stay Home, Stay Up to Date. Sign Up for Our Newsletters Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more.As E-commerce marketplaces, such as Coupang and Market Kurly, continue to grow and dominate the market in South Korea, offline shopping malls are changing their marketing strategies.

Shopping trends in South Korea have changed significantly over the last decade. People are mostly shopping online, rather than going to grocery stores and offline shopping malls. Increase in online retail sales are attributed to its convenience to customers such as cost comparison, dawn delivery and quick paying methods.

According to SAP Customer Experience Report, most Korean consumers are accustomed to comparing the price of goods, as buyers tend to put their wanted products in their cart to compare the price at which they could buy the cheapest product among their cart.

Then, they later decide whether to buy the product or not depending on the cost. Dawn delivery has proved to be extremely effective. Smartphone payment systems, such as Kakao Pay and Naver Pay, also attracted more users by providing convenient and simple steps to purchasing products. A consumer satisfaction survey on smartphone payment conducted online between May by Korea Consumer Agency gathered the data of 1, people who have used the smartphone payment services.

The survey has shown that Due to these changes in shopping trends and development of technology, offline shopping malls are adopting new strategies to survive in the market. Shinsegae altered some of their logistic centers into a cutting edge online-only logistic center which enhances the efficiency of delivery systems.

In addition, they also launched phone applications that combine online shopping and online payment. Although the offline shopping malls are changing their marketing strategy by adopting online methods, retailers such as E-mart, a subsidiary company of Shinsegae, is showing steady operating losses. Written by Seyong Back Staff Writer. Interview with Four Freshmen: Let me go to school!

This site was designed with the.The city of Seoul, South Korea is basically the place to be if you're looking for pop culture and fashion. Not only did this country popularize K-pop music and Korean dramas, but they have also introduced new fashion trends in the industry. For the uninitiated, just check out the styles of the typical Korean idol. It's basically about splashes of color and mixing and matching different types of ensembles.

Or, you can also check out other Korean models who are popular for their big eyes and doll-like faces. Interested to learn more about Korean style trends? As its name suggests, idol fashion can trace its origin to Korean idols. Plus, since idols change their look regularly, you'll always be free to experiment and try new trends. But, it's not entirely flexible. In short, it's based on mixing and matching outfits that are not necessarily complementary or of the same color.

Mismatched outfits. The idol style is about wearing outfits that you wouldn't expect to look good together. Think sports jacket with a chiffon skirt. Or, a graphic tee combined with an office blazer. It's pretty unusual, but it works for Korean idols. Color Wheel. The idol style is all about an explosion of color, but not random colors.

To stay in style, consult a color wheel and match the ones with the same base color. For instance, blue-green and blue-violet look great together since their base color is blue. Pop-Art Prints.Shopping in Seoul can mean browsing through antiques at a flea market or pricing designer handbags in a world-renowned boutique.

Shopping in Seoul: 5 Best Districts to Find Korean Fashion & Clothing

For cheap deals brimming with culture, take your earth-friendly shopping bag to Insadong. Want to make more of a fashion splash? Glitzy Apgujeong is your home away from home. In fact, most students entering university have already had some work done, and Korean parents are all for it. For the latest fashion trends and a little weekend entertainment, head to Lotte Young Plaza and Noon Square. Discover more guest houses and hostels in Myeongdong.

shopping trends in south korea

With more than 25 shopping malls and 30, local boutiques, Dongdaemun District is an obvious place to shop in Seoul.

Discover more motels and hostels in Dongdaemun. The main draw to the area is Hongdae Shopping Streetfavored for its cache of bargains and outdoor stage performances.

This story giant features an art gallery, live performance hall, cinema and an art square, where locals display their handmade arts and crafts. Discover more guest houses and apartments in Hongdae. Discover more guest houses and serviced apartments in Apgujeong. Make your way through the winding alleyways to find authentic hanbok traditional clothing and hanji stationeryas well as local artwork, pottery and vintage toys. Gana Art Center and Hakgojae Gallery are excellent stops, too.

Discover more guest houses and hostels in Insadong. Travel Guides South Korea Seoul. Related Articles. With the city snow-capped and prices — as …. Tour ancient palaces equipped with Bluetooth …. Attractions Seoul Sightseeing: 5 Historic Landmarks with Cutting-Edge Surprises The best thing about Seoul sightseeing is that most landmarks are just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other.

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3 South Korean Trends to be Aware Of

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